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Worthington United Methodist

"The middle of the service includes seven minutes of silence, where you are encouraged to “let God speak to you” and to try to silently communicate with him. I did try to take that time to be open, to try to feel some spiritual energy in the room. I didn’t, really, but I did try to focus entirely on being in-the-moment and mindful of the journey I am on, which is a valuable exercise..."

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Tory FieldsChurch, Taize
Stone Village Church

"...Stone Village seemed like an excellent place for me to go based on their website brand. Their worship page says “worship is how we connect with God and with one another as a community. For us, worship is not the pastor performing for the community; rather, we as community, led by the pastor, fully engage in all aspects of worship.” It seems very much like a church built on relationships and community. That being said, I should have been more prepared for what I experienced, which was a VERY INTIMATE church experience..."

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Easter Weekend

"I couldn’t have had two more different experiences. St. Joseph is an old, gothic cathedral. Crossroads is a modern megachurch. The Tenebrae service is very traditional and somber while Crossroads provided a multi-media Easter production. This seems somewhat appropriate since Good Friday marks Jesus’ death, and Easter his resurrection..."

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Commonway Church

"...It’s one of the most beautiful things when we hear about someone overcoming trauma or addiction or something equally troubling, and then using their story to help others. I agree that’s awesome. I agree there is strength in shared experiences, both negative and positive. I think that learning from loss and then trying to help someone else is lovely. That is my disclaimer, because what is to follow might sound like a contradiction to this..."

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Atonement Lutheran Church

"Jesus is strong, we are weak, we are sinners, we suck. The reverend said it much more eloquently, but he elaborated on all the ways humanity is fallible. This week, having been so violent, was an unfortunate example of how vulnerable humans can be. No one is safe, nowhere feels safe."

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Ash Wednesday Bonus Post!

"The ashes are made from the burned palms from the previous palm Sunday (Sunday before Easter) mixed with oil to make a paste and applied to the forehead in a cross formation. Ashes represent repentance, rooted biblically in Daniel chapter 9 which links fasting with ashes as well as Genesis 3:19, 'for dust you are and to dust you shall return.'"

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Northwest United Methodist

"... oftentimes, church can be a place where people hide pieces of themselves, just like people do in the workplace. We hide things we think might be shameful, parts of ourselves that are vulnerable, and (in church especially) doubts we have. If we hide those things, then we are only displaying idyllic versions of ourselves, and not truthful versions..."

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Christ Anglican Church

"...It was interesting that this was the first service I went to. Although I didn’t vibe with the church itself, the sermon had a part about seeking God. The reverend said 'we must nurture our faith. People don’t like faith because they haven’t looked for Him'..."

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