The Bible pt. 4

So… turns out a big part of reading the Bible is reading about genealogy. Much of what I have read in the last week has been about who gave birth to whom. As you can imagine, it hasn’t been the most interesting to read. What have I done to cope? Started highlighting the names I think are the funniest.

Funniest Old Testament Names List:


I have started to wonder why some Old Testament names have persisted and become popular names in modern society, and some gems like Chezib have fallen into disuse.

Jacob, Rebekah, Rachel, Leah, Isaac, Benjamin, Joseph, and Abraham are all Old Testament names that we still use! I guess these names are attributed to characters that have some story arc versus those that are simply listed randomly. (Apart from Benjamin and Joseph who, as far as I have read, are just Rachel’s sons and haven’t done much of anything. But, I have a hunch there will be another famous Joseph later on in the Bible).

Then there are characters like Esau, who has a story arc but it’s pretty dishonorable. Who wants to name their kid after a guy who gets tricked by his younger brother, loses his birthright, and shames his family? I guess it makes sense that the names that persist are the names of more admirable characters. We have Rachel and Leah who were great moms, we have Jacob who was admittedly kind of a dick but cunning and smart, and we have Abraham who was exceedingly loyal to God. Later on we’ll have Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to be the inspiration for more evangelical names.

All I am saying, is, some hipster millennial parents out there need to skim the Old Testament. Then there can be little Mizzahs playing with little Jobabs and my heart will soar.

That’s all I’ve got this week, since I can’t make much out of the very detailed family trees I have read about in the past week. I will leave you all with a question: What are your favorite and least favorite biblical names?